True Management Personnel

Utilizing all available means

Professionals who adopt a multi-dimensional approach combing "Exploration and Exploitation" to pioneer a new era

With inherent intellectual curiosity, our professionals expand and deepen their capabilities. We strive to be the leading platform to produce 'True Management Personnel' through driving transformation.

True Management Personnel

True Management Personnel

Questioning conventional norms, posing incisive questions, making sharp and decisive decisions independently and driving core innovation beyond the boundaries set by previous eras.
We call such talented innovators who play an important role at the crossroads of the times "True Management Personnel."
These people exist not only within the IGPI Group, but also among those who work together with us.

They use all the strategies and means to make things through, while transforming themselves with the ability to interpret facts and logic and an unwavering resolve.
As a result, they sublimate themselves to a new management perspective that transcends existing facts and logic.

The IGPI Group aims to be the platform on which "True Management Personnel" who doubt common sense and lead the times are fostered.


Code of Conduct: Eight Questions

We formulated the code of conduct for "True Management Personnel": Eight Questions. Based on these principles, we will continue to create an unparelled, truly professional organization and build a new paradigm in management and the economy.

Our philosophy

What is IGPI and why it was established

Takashi Muraoka, CEO
Takashi Muraoka, CEO

Takashi Muraoka, CEO

IGPI engages in the consulting business, but it is not a consulting company. IGPI engages in the investment business, but it is not an investment company. IGPI engages in corporate turnaround, but it is not a corporate restructuring company. IGPI engages in the incubation business, but it is not a venture capital. Since its establishment, IGPI has pursued the ideal management for various organizations, from startups to large companies, under the mission to continue serving as a platform for attaining industrial growth together based on the conviction that the sources of creating corporate value are found in management. We have sincerely tackled the task of achieving a unique shape of management required in the respective organizations, at times in the form of management consulting business, at times in the form of investment business and at times by becoming part of management. This means that each and every member of the IGPI Group becomes “True Management Personnel” who can create value through mortal combat in management environments that contain contradictions and difficulties.

As symbolized by the term VUCA, it goes without saying that responsiveness to environmental changes is an essential quality of a management leader in an environment surrounding management where uncertainty and volatility have become the norm. This, however, does not point only to the idea of reskilling in response to environmental changes. IGPI believes that “True Management Personnel” are those with revolutionary powers including anticipating environmental changes while thoroughly questioning existing common sense, making tough decisions on a daily basis in the midst of rationality and reason, and taking the lead in implementing changes themselves in order to create a new era. To this end, we train our thinking ability to question common sense by immersing ourselves fully day to day in various projects that transcend not only industrial sectors and national borders but also company size and project themes. We go beyond this thought experiment and implement our ideas at management sites to cultivate decisiveness and practical skills.

The IGPI Group will continue to be a “platform” where people aiming to become “True Management Personnel” gather and strive together toward improvement. We will further expand opportunities for each and every person who comes to this “platform” to take up challenges for implementing transformation, be it for startups or existing management on the global stage or in regional areas of Japan. We offer a “platform” where not only current IGPI Group members but also advisory board members and alumni as well as clients and investors go beyond the walls of industry-government-academia collaboration, the scope of generations, and national borders in order to continue moving forward with the aim of creating together, expanding the field of challenges, and pioneering a new era in global management. This is what IGPI is all about.

村岡 隆史の写真
Takashi Muraoka, CEO
Organizational strategy

"Exploring" organization, "Exploiting" business

An organization with a deeply ingrained culture and understanding of the ambidextrous approach

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