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As well as committing IGPI’s human resources, we share financial risk and return with our clients and other stakeholders, working together to increase long-term value.

We are able to invest jointly in companies with our clients as needed, supporting growth and regeneration from a risk-sharing position. In parcel with these investments, IGPI works directly in client businesses to grow enterprise value by dispatching management personnel, formulating business plans and putting in place management control structures.

IGPI makes minority investments in situations where clients need funding for new business development and structural reform and the investment makes sense for all parties concerned. We back our investments with on-site collaboration and support for every aspect of the business, from planning through execution.

In providing professional services to clients, we sometimes identify a clear need for capital to fund business regeneration and growth. Our business model includes investing our own capital in client companies at various stages, including in companies considering an MBO to kick-start growth, companies wanting to sell shares as part of business succession, and venture businesses. We are also able to create new investment funds in response to specific circumstances, which allows us to respond even to larger scale funding requirements.

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