About us

Pioneering a new era of management

We are committed to continually creating leading professional organizations and building a new paradigm in management and the economy.

Our philosophy
グループの独自性 グループの独自性
Uniqueness of IGPI Group

Tapping on the core capabilities of the Group to enable True Management Personnel to connect, grow and pave the way for a new era of corporations.

Our diverse organizational structure has been a source of innovation throughout IGPI's history, with professionals who challenge conventional practices and lead the way for transformation. We drive revitalization and transformation, creation and development through a profound series of "Exploration" and Exploitation" of our business and talents.

Our uniqueness
Our business activities

Capturing trends of each era by weaving key pieces of a diverse chain of organizations together

To build a "virtuous cycle" in our complex and ambiguous society, we question the conventions of every aspect of business, enterprise, economy, and society to develop unique solutions.

In addition to collaborating with transformation champions, we invest in and manage businesses with intrinsic value-add.

Our business activities Investment recipients
IGPIグループの事業 IGPIグループの事業
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